Teach English in Taoyuan, Taiwan ?

Job description

For our school in Taoyuan we are looking for two English teachers.

  • Students are 3-12 years old, 8-16 students per class.
  • Full curriculum and materials provided.

Job Requirements

  • A passport from the United States, Ireland, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada.
  • Associate or bachelor degree.
  • 120-hour TEFL certificate.
  • A clear criminal background.

Salary and Benefits

  • 600-640 TWD (21.80-23.25 USD) starting hourly rate.
  • National health insurance.
  • 14 days holiday.
  • Guaranteed 20 teaching hours per week.
  • 15,000 TWD end of contract bonus.
  • Orientation training, welfare support, and western management.

Application Form


謝謝!(thank you!)

Questions? Send us a message: applications@saxoncourt.com.


  • applications@saxoncourt.com